I Need Help Accessing My Product/s

After you purchase any product, you will be sent an email with a registration link inside for each individual product bought.

You need to click that link, which will take you to a registration page, where you will create your account and password. That login & password will give you access to only the corresponding product.

You can then login here at any time:

If you purchased multiple products, you will need to complete the steps above for each product you purchased.

Go back to your email, find the next email containing a registration link for your other products, and click on the link inside. This will feel like you're registering twice, but don't worry, if you use the same username & login...the system will add the next product to your account and you will be able to access it just fine. :-)

Here's a screenshot of the "Registration Email" you will get for each product bought.


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    I can not reset my password because I can an error every time telling me the key is expired. I have send a message though zendesk and am still waiting for someone to help me.

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